Do you want to contribute to the biggest 2021 search event of the Netherlands and collaborate with us? Then join the list of partners below.

Head partner

AdCalls is the conversion optimization tool for marketers. By measuring and providing insight into telephone conversion, better marketing and sales decisions can be made. By using call tracking, you as a marketer gain 100% insight into the data. Based on this data, the marketing campaigns can be optimized and you reach more leads, lower costs and a higher ROI. Do you want more leads from your current marketing budget? Start today with a free trial month and discover what call tracking can do for your organization.

Channable is the beacon in a complex eCommerce landscape. Where eCommerce can be tangled like a bowl of spaghetti, we make it easy as pie. Providing an intuitive, simple-to-use solution for both data feed management and PPC automation that enables online retailers, brands, and agencies to sell, market, and advertise their products globally. Don’t make things harder than it is. That’s the Channable mantra. We’re the go-to feed management & PPC automation solution for eCommerce businesses that value ease of use.

Hulc is the content platform where publishers (Media titles & bloggers) and advertisers meet. The free-to-use platform is very popular among agencies and helps many online marketing & SEO managers find suitable blogs. Hulc has two methods for getting relevant offers from blogs, you can set up a campaign after which the bloggers can respond to you with a price offer, or you can apply for a collaboration via direct buying. You can set up a great collaboration within minutes and link new bloggers to your campaign every month. Learn more and create a free account at

Founded as a tech startup for Digital Video Advertising in Madrid in 2017, Vidomy has grown into a global player with over 30 offices in 14 countries (and growing). By combining a very strong Machine Learning (A.I.) algorithm with a network of more than 2500 website publishers and making optimal use of Big data, Vidoomy is able to take Digital Video Advertising to “the next level”. It is precisely this strong combination that leads to impressive results such as >80% viewability and >70% view through rates (VTR), whereby the campaigns can be purchased on the basis of CPM or CP(C)V. Many media agencies and direct advertisers have now found their way to Vidomy in order to achieve the maximum result from Video campaigns. Since April 2021, Vidoomy is also strongly represented in the Benelux with a head office in Amstelveen (NL) led by Johan Aartsen and Adria Aran. If you want to know more about how you can get more return from your video campaigns, send an email to and all your questions will be answered!

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