DSA '23 Jury

View the official jury selection at the bottom of this page. On this page, you'll find things to take into account as a jury member. That way, you know what you're responsible for. Furthermore, the jury process is described, in which independence and transparency are of the essence.

Jury Chairmen

In 2023, Muhammed Kocak of Corendon and Gina van den Bogaard of DEPT® are the jury chairman and vice chairwoman, respectively. They're impartial, unbiased and honest and don't actually vote. Their task is primarily a technical one: efficiently leading the jury members to the best result based on the predefined criteria of a category.


As of DSA edition 2021, jury members are appointed for a minimum of one year and a maximum of three years. Each year, the jury chairman and vice chairman re-evaluate which jury members are eligible for participation in the jury based on knowledge and experience spread cross the different categories. Please note: even as a returning jury member, we ask you to use the designated registration form.

Winners & Shortlist

It's important to focus on selecting a winner and/or a nominee on the shortlist. Not presenting an award is not an option. We're celebrating the search industry, so there's always a winner. Likewise, it's important that the winning case is selected for the right reasons and not on the basis of how many times the submitter has won in the past. The best one is the best one. The Dutch Search Awards are not incentive prizes.


In the event that, as a jury member, you're confronted with the judging of a case that's been submitted by the company you're currently working at, we'll ask you to temporarily leave the room during the jury night. We do this not only to guarantee the independence of the assessment, but also to ensure that (counter) arguments don't get leaked. In the jury tool, it's not possible to assess a case that's been submitted by your own company.


Until the award ceremony, we ask you to maintain absolute secrecy about the jury process. After the ceremony, please be discreet about how the cases have been assessed during the judging period. As a jury member, you're required to sign and uphold the confidentiality agreement.

Jury Report

During the judging, someone will be present to note down the most important (counter) arguments. That way, the jury report is available immediately and it's monitored why a case has won. The jury chairman is responsible for distributing the final jury reports to the nominated parties.


In order to ensure that the judging is as thorough and fair as possible, there are 2 judging groups per category. A group consists of at least 4 people, so at least 8 people assess each case. Keep in mind: you’ll have to assess about 30 to 40 cases.


During the judging, the dedicated jury tool is used. Once a jury member, access will be provided to the cases in this tool. Here, you'll give your ratings per case. This way, we monitor whether all jury members have assessed all cases on time. During the jury night, the selection of the shortlist and the final winner, depending on the category, will be handled quickly and efficiently.

Jury Night

During the jury night, all jury members assemble to discuss the individual assessments of the cases and to give a joint, final verdict. This year, the jury night will take place on Thursday, October 12.


Cases may be written in either Dutch or English. Although most cases are submitted in Dutch, English-speaking jury members are also welcome at the jury panel. Please keep in mind that you may have to read and communicate in Dutch, both during the assessment period and the jury night.

DSA '23 Jury
Robin Vlasblom
SEA Consultant @ DEPT®
Rick Waardenburg
Online Performance Marketeer @ Rabobank
Koen Martens
SEA Strategist @ GroupM
Marc Verkuijl
Senior SEA Specialist @ Consumentenbond
Jordy Slinkman
Head of SEA @ Moddit Digital Agency
Hidde van Caldenberg
Manager Marketing @ BURO210
Martijn Hoekstra
Search Lead @ ODIV
Michelle Oude Groen
Campaign Manager @ Royal Schiphol Group
Bas Nagel
Online Marketeer @ Bas Online Advies
Lars Maat
Owner @ Maatwerk Online
Niels Botterblom
Team Lead Online Marketing @ OrangeTalent
Roy de Kok
Managing Director @ RAFT
Fleur Kors
Marketing Manager Paid Search @ KPN
Lamar Qayoumi
Senior SEA Specialist @ VodafoneZiggo
Ivor Beurskens
Digital Marketing Manager @ Zendesk
Tim Smit
Paid Search Specialist @ Grow Up Digital
Kari Aalders
Digital Marketeer @ HotelSpecials
Charissa van Haalem
Head of SEA @ Maxlead
Wilco Mulder
Head of Advertising @ Traffic Today
Nick Trajceski
Senior SEA Specialist @ NeoSEM
Floris Wulffele
Owner @ Outperforming
Sjoukje Yao Wu
Director @ Eurasia Sustainable Film Festival, Shanghai Benelux Cultural Technology Consultancy
Marijn Versteeg
Strategic Director @ KickSo Digital Agency
Robbert Rosdorff
Owner / Director @ Semwerkt
Josine van Rijn
SEO Strategist @ Etos
Remon Beukers
Team Lead SEO @ Newcraft
Bas Kenkhuis
Head of SEO @ Team Nijhuis / Dtch. Digitals
Freddy van den Bergh
CEO @ Eye-C Multimedia
Marc Pollemans
Team Lead SEO, Content & PR @ Omoda
Quinty Wanten
Online Marketeer @ Scheepens Reclame Adviseurs
Joris Krauweel
Digital Marketing Consultant / Team Lead @ YourFellow
Simon Kriek
Client Director / Growth Expert @ Tribal Agency
Olf Koekoek
CXO Consultant @ ClickValue
Menno van Gerven
Sr. SEA Specialist / Head of CRO @ DoubleSmart
Erik Lauwen
Head of CRO @ Fingerspitz
Lisanne Hemel
Online Marketeer @ Inventus Online
Jonas Timmer
CRO & Experimentation Lead @ NU.nl
Andries Hiemstra
Founder @ [ah]consulting
Stefan de Groot
Co-founder @ DeepBlueDigital
Marc van der Hulst
Industry Manager Travel @ Google
Ruben Runneboom
Freelance Google Ads Specialist @ Rubenrunneboom.nl
Erwin Smulders
Manager Marketing @ UnitedConsumers C.V.
Bart Wilts
Product Manager Search & E-commerce @ bGenius / KINESSO
Anke Beekmans
Manager Knowledge & Innovation / Team Lead / SEO & CRO Consultant @ Leadrs
Jordy Buskermolen
Online Marketing Manager @ Nederlandse Loterij | TOTO
Nasser al Kamouchi
Co-founder @ Whello
Marc Borgers
Partner @ 100%EMAIL
Cengiz Can
Manager Online Marketing @ IDFA Institute
Martijn Dirkx
Manager Performance Marketing @ Otto
Carolina Tettero
Marketing Executive @ Spotler
Berith Spoelstra
Owner @ By Berith
Jasper Smulders
Team Lead Email & Data @ NOBEARS
Sanne Melis
CRM & Email Marketeer @ Valk Exclusief
Anoek Vriens
Freelance Digital Marketeer @ AV Digital Marketing
Hidde Zee
Medior Social Advertising Specialist @ Onwise
Charlotte Rademaekers
Team Lead Social Advertising @ Happy Horizon
Jeffrey Vis
Paid Advertising Specialist @ House of Sports
Ingmar van der Helm
Senior Online Marketing Consultant @ Netprofiler (LevelUp Group)
Sylvie Zwanenberg
Performance Director @ ZIGT
Stef van der Burg
Senior Strategist @ Team5pm
Michiel Maas
Marketing Manager @ Cameranu
Jord Nater
Affiliate Specialist @ iO
Iwan Post
Owner / Senior Online Marketeer @ Travyk
Bram Lansman
Owner @ Vlijmscherp
Kay Kesaulya
Digital Marketing Lead @ Conclusion
Merel Hopman
Lead Owned Channels @ HEMA
Robin Sluijter
Founder @ SenS Online Solutions
Mandy Man
Key Account Manager @ Global Savings Group
Ruben van den Brink
Head of CRO @ Suite Seven
Twan van Essen
Managing Director @ Fitwinkel.nl
Phéline Casier
Advertising Operations Manager EMEA & LATAM @ Uber
Jeroen van de Heijning
Marketing Director @ Het Groene Paradijs
Robin Prinsen
CEO @ Nakoa Digital
Marc Oldenburger
Senior Client Solution Manager @ Microsoft
Michel Ariens
Owner / Lead Digital @ .CREW
Erwin Manten
Digital Marketing Consultant @ Tomorrowmen
Bart Schouten
Founder / Search Specialist @ Bisk Digital
Maryse Barnhoorn
Online Marketing Specialist @ New Story
Patricia Verwoert
Head of SEO @ Online Klik
Guido Stoop
Team Lead SEO / Manager of Product & Operations @ Seeders
Jarik Oosting
Managing Director / SEO Consultant @ SmartRanking
Edwin de Vries
E-commerce Manager @ Global Sports Communication
Pepijn Otto
E-commerce Specialist / Online Marketeer @ UNIS Group, Pepijn Otto Marketing & E-commerce
Steven Bodde
Account Director Commerce & Retail @ Adwise
Mirte van Maanen
Lead Brand & Media @ Pink Marketing (Part of P3 Agency)
Niels Noorlander
Head of Social @ KINESSO
Tanja Stomp
Online Marketeer AI / Freelance Marketeer @ Stomp Marketing, Van Mossel
Ellen Aldenhuijsen
Digital Marketing Manager @ Vlisco
Judith de Rooij
Lead Social Media @ MVH Media
Folkje Berends
Director @ SRM Opleidingen & Trainingen
Tim van der Putten
Head of Advertising & Operations @ Leadgate
Twan Lammers
Head of Marketing @ Komma
Kiki Wijnen
Team Lead Design @ Elevate Digital
Erna Omercic
Head of Growth @ b-like app
Renée Akkermans
Senior PPC Specialist @ dentsu Benelux
Carola Hoeven
Head of Digital @ Wavemaker
Cathy van Ardenne
Online Marketeer @ goeiezaak.com
Kayn Wolfswinkel
Head of SEO @ Increase
Jasper Knuvers
Senior SEO Specialist @ Brandfirm
Vincent van Vliet
Co-founder @ PaperDigits
Rachid Hok-ahin
SEA Specialist @ DGTLbase
Matinique Roelse
SEA Specialist / Co-owner @ Adcrease
Bernt Muurling
Freelancer @ Bruut Resultaat
Olaf Grimberg
Digital Advertising Specialist @ Comafin
Thierry Kreuze
Online Marketing Strategist @ iClicks
Robert Hoekstra
Marketing Director @ Brandmerck
Maja Pavic
Lead Social Marketing Consultant @ Pink Marketing (Part of P3 Agency)
Martin Schwarz
Senior SEA Specialist @ Artefact
Roel Linssen
Director / Owner @ Tomahawk Digital Marketing
Luc Wechseler
Managing Director @ The Underdog
Dennis Domen
Team Lead Performance Marketing @ Think Yellow
Valentijn Putker
Growth Marketeer @ Huray
Robin Jansma
Team Lead Paid Advertising @ Fixami
Sabine Elemans
Head of Paid Search @ Accenture Song
Denie Geertzen
SEA Specialist @ Traffic Builders
Paul van Duin
Digital Performance Marketeer @ Albert Heijn
Important dates



All jury members assemble to discuss the submitted cases and give a final verdict.

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